Sorry, but GenQuiry is ceasing development

I'm sorry to inform everyone that GenQuiry is ceasing development, due to a combination of health problems (not all of them mine), and the difficulty and costs associated with developing and supporting a robust (free) application that will be supportable in Microsoft's many legacy and rapidly-evolving environments.  This website will remain up for a couple of months, but the downloadable versions of the software will be removed immediately.


If you made a donation towards the development of GenQuiry and would like your money back, just let me know via the contact form.


Many thanks for all your support.




GenQuiry is designed to help you manage your family history research. It was born through my own experience of researching families in Wales, trying to make sure that I made the most of my visits to archives 300 miles away, keeping track of the searches I had done and the clues I still had to follow up, and recording my reasoning for deciding which was my ancestor out of three "John James" all living in the same small Pembrokeshire parish around 1800!

If you've ever had problems:

  • keeping track of searches you've made — and their results, positive or negative — and the searches that you plan to make
  • planning what to do on a visit to some archives, making sure you don't forget anything vital at the far end of that long trip
  • keeping track of which sources are relevant for a particular place and how to access them, so that you don't overlook an important clue because the existence of a source slipped your mind
  • citing your sources consistently, so that you always know where a particular piece of information came from
  • recording how you reached a conclusion from a variety of conflicting evidence

then GenQuiry may help you.

GenQuiry can support: family history research, one-name studies, one-place studies or research into more general topics. You can use any or all of the features, to suit the way you choose to work, and integrate it with your existing physical or electronic filing system.

GenQuiry is not a genealogy database, although it is designed to work alongside one. It has been used successfully in tandem with Family Historian but could equally well be used with other programs. GenQuiry deals with research "work-in-progress" — once something is proven to your satisfaction, you record the result within your genealogy database, supported by a PDF file exported from GenQuiry if you wish.